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Welcome! It does not matter how you arrived here. This page has been created In Memory of BOWLEXCEL's Co-Founder JONATHAN CHUNG. Jonathan lost his battle with cancer in the midst of our bowling membership site's PreLaunch. 

This Special Launch of BOWLEXCEL Online Academy is for all the support many of you have shown us over the years.

Today, October 15, marks Jonathan's birthday. To many of us, it still feels like yesterday that he was sharing his experience and knowledge with us.

The PreLaunch salesletter "WHY BOWLEXCEL?" has been incorporated for Launch comparisons. DO NOT CLICK ON THE PAYMENT LINKS THERE. THEY DO NOT WORK TODAY. USE OUR "SPECIAL LAUNCH" LINKS. 



If you have heard of Jonathan Chung, you will know he was one of Malaysia's most senior and experienced bowling coaches. In his honor, we are making it easy for aspiring bowlers to now access the materials he personally used to groom so many Malaysian youths to excel to higher levels.

We are releasing ONLY 100 of these Special Launch bowling memberships. Make sure you grab one of these slots!

Here's what you get…

 50% DISCOUNT on Course Tutorials.

 2 Weekly Training Modules. Accelerate your Home Study Course by 6 months instead of the original 12 months!

 Pay only $17×6 monthly recurring payments and NOT $17×12 monthly recurring payments.

 Save 6 months of subscriptions.

 Full Member Benefits.

 7-Day $1 Trial.




 Here's what people say about Jonathan…












BOWLEXCEL Online Academy is an exclusive membership site created by an experienced and certified coach with over 30 years of bowling and coaching experience. NOTHING beats EXPERIENCE.

BOWLEXCEL Online Academy is all about helping people become better bowlers. We have put together one of the most comprehensive bowling tutorials guaranteed to improve your game.

Packaged in a very simple and easily understood way, your results are only limited by the level of commitment to the program. You must be able to follow simple instructions. Would that be difficult?

There is an old saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Are you READY?

Here's a student who was ready…



Let BOWLEXCEL help you assess your current status as a bowler with a check list and see if we can help you with our proven process.

Your Check List: Place a against any of the topics below that you feel can improve your bowling.


Would You Like To…


                 Bowl with more consistency?
                 Master different releases to overcome difficult lane conditions?
                Learn different ball placements to enhance your style of bowling?
                Learn simple systems to address common problems?
                Learn to raise your spare conversions?
                Learn to read the lanes?
                Learn to play the channel?
                Learn to change the axis of rotation?
                Learn to achieve more ball revolutions?
                Learn how to strategize your tactical game?
                Learn how to prepare yourself mentally for a major tournament?
                Learn the secret performance formula for your winning edge?

Your Result: How many topics did you tick ? If you just checked against even one topic, we believe we can help you improve on your bowling average. Courses are time tested and proven, with several international stars starting out learning the very same methods.


Here's How BOWLEXCEL Can Help You…


                  Step-by-step tutorials delivered to you on a weekly basis
                Easy-to-follow diagrams and videos to make learning a breeze
                Video library
                Private forum 
                Check lists to track your progress

Anyone aspiring to hone his bowling skills will have to learn the rules of the game. What better way than to follow a proven system? No trials and errors. Just easy to understand tutorials with easy to follow diagrams and videos to assist you along the way.

Now you have two choices. Continue to struggle through tips from well meaning friends or subscribe to a time tested process. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. So once you've figured that out…it's time to move on.


Recommended for ALL bowlers who wish to develop a strong foundation in bowling that will ensure a smooth and faster transition to higher levels. If you wish to take your bowling to greater heights. If you want to be a CHAMPION. If you want a WINNING EDGE over your opponents. Then this COMPLETE BOWLING package is for you.

This course will not only take you through the ABC of bowling, but through the A-Z of bowling. Learn the complete bowling process. Here is your roadmap to bowling success.

As this is not a 'quick fix' program, it will run for a year. Yes, a full 12 months! However, there are plans to allow more experienced bowlers to fast forward their learning curve. Part of the benefits of being a BOWLEXCEL member.

Materials contained in this course are usually only available to high performance bowlers. Now you can possess this knowledge too!




Some of the modules covered…

•  How to do a basic ball release and follow through
•  How to implement the finish position and pendulum swing technique
•  Ball placement drill techniques for better delivery
•  Timing and pendulum swing drill techniques
•  Drill for step and swing coordination
•  The 5-step approach for a more coordinated tempo and cadence
•  The concepts of line bowling
•  Guide to tackle your drifting problems
•  A simple to follow spare system




Some of the modules covered…

•  Drills to help you create muscle memories so that every delivery becomes automatic
•  Technique variations to handle different lane conditions
•  Systems to establish an accuracy line with simple adjustment ratios that eliminate guesswork
•  How to produce the perfect finish position for accuracy
•  Overview of step patterns for a perfect delivery
•  Overview of pendulum swing variables and properties
•  Understanding ball transitions
•  How to read the lanes to find your strike line
•  Understanding the physics of bowling ball motion to create more rrrevs




Some of the modules covered…

•  Overview of ball dynamics
•  Understanding axis of rotation
•  Understanding radius of gyration
•  Tactical variables for different lane conditions
•  Overview of speed control
•  Sports psychology- the performance enhancing formula







Who is this bowling coach behind BOWLEXCEL

Jonathan Chung is a WTBA/ABF (World tenpin Bowling Association/Asian Bowling Federation) certified coach with many success stories behind him. Although he does not lay claim to being fully responsible for this program (who does?), he has filtered what techniques work and what doesn't and made BOWLEXCEL's online course as simple and effective as possible.

Jonathan is one of Malaysia's most senior and experienced bowling coaches. His forte is youth development and he is much sought after for his ability to groom budding youths.

He has a good record of transforming many young talented bowlers into national youths and getting them absorbed into his country's national training squad. Out of his pool has emerged four National Champions, three of whom achieved this status in their early teens.

Aided by a background in graphic design, Jonathan's step-by-step pictorial tutorials make learning as easy as ABC.

If you're still undecided, then listen to more students who were ready…



To assist you in your preparations to achieve your goals, you will also get 3 ebooks as a Special Prelaunch Bonus. They are additional aids to keep you in peak condition in your training. They sell for $37 each, but we've arranged for them to be made available to you for FREE! You also get the Premium BOWLEXCEL Membership with all its special benefits…only for paying members.




So how much is this comprehensive program going to cost? You'll be pleasantly surprised! It won't cost you an arm and a leg…in fact it's only $17 a month! Yes, you'll find out why if you scroll further down the page.

Prelaunch Package: $17 a month ($17x12 monthly recurring payments)



Click here for a sneak-peak


You can cancel at any time. You have to be absolutely sure that this program is the right one for you. Why not start with a 7-Day $1 Trial period through a secured PayPal gateway? We want you to be happy to train with us. So go on…





PRELAUNCH PRICES are available for a limited time only. Prices may go up at any time.

We know what's going through your minds right now…Why are our prelaunch memberships so CHEAP? Believe us, we debated on the entry levels for a very long time. We finally decided to make our tutorials affordable for everyone.

We realize bowlers are looking for help. They are looking for guidance to reach their goals faster. Let us be the ones to help you. The best part is you can have access to our tutorials with just a few clicks of your mouse…from anywhere…at any time.

Listen to some more satisfied trainees…



This is not going to be a long salesletter. If you've taken the time to read up to here, you should have made up your mind by now.


Let's just do a re-cap here…


   Monthly subscriptions cost less than one session of personal on-lane coaching
   Special membership benefits
   Videos and easy-to-follow tutorials and pictorials.
   Free health and exercise related ebooks
   Free BALL DYNAMICS manual worth $197? $97?

This is no way like the series of free tips you may get from many websites. This is a full fledged training program modelled around youth development programs that are being used by many of the world's top bowling power houses.

You must realize by now that in any sport, it is always wise to learn the rules of the game first. Begin the winning process. No more trials and tribulations. Hit the button below now!




Here at BOWLEXCEL, we would love to hear your success stories. We welcome you inside the Members Area.

Wishing you success on taking your bowling to the next level!


Co-Founders: Jonathan Chung and Ivy Chai

P.S. You will have to hurry if you want to benefit from the Prelaunch Package. Lock in your subscription for the next 12 months at this low Introductory Package. The Launch Price will be substantially more.

P.P.S. The BOWLEXCEL CLUB Membership benefits will be rolled out in stages.


NOTE: SPECIAL LAUNCH In Memory of Co-Founder Jonathan Chung. Only $17×6 months. Limited time. Use LINK AT TOP OF PAGE.


Payment Policy: This is an online membership program. You will be billed monthly for the duration of the package you have subscribed to. You may cancel at any time and you will not be billed for the next cycle of payment. You may also resume your membership and continue from where you left off.

Refund Policy: No refund for recurring subscriptions.
                      30 days money back guarantee applicable for special one time payment scheme.

Terms of Use: If you do not agree with our Terms of Use, please do not proceed.



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